school gate 校門口

Students enter the school gate with enthusiasm.學生們興致勃勃地走進校門。

As a precaution against COVID-19, parents must wait at the school gate to fetch their children.為預防 COVID-19 的預防措施,家長必須在校門口等候接孩子。

outdoor stage 司令台

The outdoor stage is a great place for teachers to announce important things to students. 司令台是老師對學生宣布事情的好地方。

The students were excited to showcase their musical talents on the outdoor stage on their sports day. 同學們很興奮在運動會當天在司令台上展現他們音樂的長才。

school track 跑道

After the first period,the track team practices on the school track. 學校的跑道是田徑隊訓練的地方。

I am going to run laps on the school track after the first period. 第一節課後,我要在學校的跑道上跑幾圈。 

basketball court 籃球場

I love to play basketball on the court after school. 我喜歡放學後在籃球場上打籃球。

The basketball court at the school is a popular place to play pick-up games on the weekend. 學校籃球場是週末比賽鬥牛的場所。

school facade 前棟教室

The school facade is full of colors. 

Students help maintain the school facade clean.

restroom 前棟廁所

The walls outside the restroom boast an amazing mural.

After using the restroom, I wash my hands in the wash area.

front corridor 前棟走廊

Colorful lanterns that were made by the students are hanging from the front corridor's ceiling.

You can find the principal's office along the front corridor.

side walk 通學步道

No litter can be found along the school's sidewalk.

Parents sometimes wait on the sidewalk to fetch their children during dismissal. 

activity center 活動中心

Students gather in the activity center whenever there are big school events.

Students need to wait outside the activity center during dismissal if they will be fetched by their parents.

hallway 後棟穿堂

The school's hallway is filled with beautiful murals.

Students' voices and laughs echo the school's hallway during their free time. 

slide 多功能遊戲組

Students line up to slide on the slide during their free time.

I love sliding on the slide!

monkey bar 鞦韆單槓

When playing in the monkey bars, students need to be careful.

It's exciting to play in the monkey bars!

playground 遊戲場

The school has a delightful and safe playground that students can enjoy. 

Students have fun playing on the playground during their free time. 

rest area 休憩平台

It is relaxing for students to talk and spend time together in the rest area because it is under the shade of a tree.

I usually talk with my friends in the rest area during my free time.

swing 鞦韆

The playground has two swings.

I love to swing on the swing! 

memory trail 拾憶步道

On the school's memory trail, lush trees and grasses grow.

The school's mascot is standing proudly on the school's memory trail.