Word of the Day 每日一字

I can climb on the jungle gym. 我能爬攀登架。

I can climb high. 我可以爬很高。

I swing on the monkey bars. 我在猴架上擺盪。

I swing on the swings. 我在玩盪鞦韆。

The library is a fun place. 圖書室是個好玩的地方。

I line up at the library.  我在圖書室排隊

Watch out for students crossing the road. 當心正在過馬路的學生。

Crossing guards stop traffic to let students cross the street safely. 交通導護阻擋車輛讓學生安全過馬路。

The teacher is showing how to do calligraphy with a brush and ink. 老師示範如何用毛筆和墨水寫書法。

The students enjoy using calligraphy brushes to write Chinese characters. 同學們喜歡用毛筆寫中文字

The librarian scans the student's library card. 圖書館員掃描學生的借書證。

After the librarian scans your books, you can take them home to read. 在圖書館員掃描過你的書之後,你就能帶回家閱讀。

The director announces important things. 


Listen carefully when your teacher is announcing something. 


In Taiwan, all elementary schools have professional development on Wednesday afternoons. 


Teachers learn new skills and strategies during their professional development. 


Take one test paper and pass the rest back. 


Students in the back, please stand up and collect the test papers from your line. 


This aerial footage was taken using a drone


Isn't it amazing how high the drone can fly?